MAN TGA LX 8x4 with Palfinger PK100002-SH Knuckle Boom Crane

Presented here is the 1:50th scale MAN TGA 4-axle truck with Palfinger PK100002-SH knuckle boom crane in the Felbermayr company livery from Conrad. The Palfinger crane features an additional jib which has been meticulously engineered and functions well. The front axles have linked steering with a good amount of steering movement along with a tilting cab that reveals the engine block at the heart of the chassis. 

The front detailing of the cab and grill has been accurately produced with the MAN logo prominently displayed along with the Felbermayr company markings across the front and on the sides of the cab. Holes have been incorporated into the casting for the rear view mirrors and radio aerial to be fitted.

The cab has been nicely captured with crisp body panel detailing and roof mounted amber beacons and black sun visor fitted above the windscreen with white printing. Transparent plastic lenses have been integrated into the lower bumper which is also fitted with a frame housing a pair of auxiliary jacks for added support during lifting operations, finished with a printed red and white chevron pattern.

The ballast box features a ball and socket connection allowing it to be easily removed as required, which is now found on the latest truck models from Conrad instead of using the fifth wheel coupling to secure the platform. The chassis frame has a covered upper surface where the fully functional fifth wheel coupling has been added, allowing the tractor to be coupled with the full range of Conrad trailer models available.

The rear of the chassis has two-stage extending outriggers with screw down pads with plastic wheel chocks and a pintle hitch also fitted. The rear bumper has painted reversing, brake and indicator lights with plastic wheel guards fitted over the rear wheels.

The base crane is the same castings that have appeared on a number of heavy haulage rigs with the addition of a fully functional and adjustable 5-section jib assembly which really adds to the rugged looks of the model, while increasing the lifting range considerably.

While the crane does look a touch overscale, this is not really noticed when considering all the functional aspects of the crane. Great touches include the fixed and winch mounted hooks that can be connected to the three outermost boom sections of the jib or the outermost section on the main boom.

The crane structure has some good detailing, including the large hydraulic fluid tank along with several panels fitted to the main rotating frame of the crane. The front stabilizers are hinged, allowing the jack leg to rotate through 180 degrees to allow the two stage telescopically extending arms to fit within the profile of the truck chassis.

When fully extended, they provide added stability to the model, especially when the boom is at maximum range. The geometry of the boom movement has been captured well and folds neatly behind the cab when in a transport configuration. When extended, the hydraulics are stiff enough to allow the boom to be positioned as required, without being too stiff to risk causing damage.

One of the great features on the boom is that each telescoping section is connected to a functional hydraulic cylinder which give the model a very realistic appearance. The boom sections are plastic and fit snugly which allows them to slide smoothly and remain in the position chosen.

The Felbermayr model fleet has been growing rapidly over the last year or two and the MAN TGA with Palfinger is an excellent addition, shown below alongside the Scheuerle SPMT Trailer set from NZG which is also decorated in Felbermayr livery