Scheuerle Self Propelled Modular Trailer "Felbermayr"

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Scheuerle SPMT set in the Felbermayr company decoration from NZG. This is an update to the original version and has much better functionality, unlike the original where all the axles were fully extended out of the box and always sat high off the ground.

On the new version, both the four and six axle-lines can be independently controlled, both in height and rotation allowing some very realistic poses to be performed. The range of movement of each axle is very good and the hydraulic cylinders are stiff enough to allow the trailer to remain in the chosen position.

Each wheel rotates well with both driven and static axles modelled, perfectly matching the full sized modules.The rubber tyres have an accurately moulded tread pattern with crisp moulding of the grooves. Each axle can rotate independently through 360 degrees although several of the axles were very stiff so care is needed not to shear them off.

The upper surface of the modules have inset panel detailing with slots cast into the sides of the trailer to allow the modules to be configured side by side. Metal connection pieces are supplied in the box to lock the modules together and this can be extended with additional sets to replicate almost any configuration.

For configuring in-line, small dum-bell shaped bars are supplied which link the modules together while metal pins are used to secure the modules rigidly. The modules have good printing of the Felbermayr logos and fleet numbers on the sides while the powerpack is decorated well with highlighting of the connectors and grills.

The powerpack is a single piece block with four rotating castor wheels added to the underside to allow fine positioning of the pack with the trailer.

Two adjustable jacks then secure the powerpack with the module before inserting the metal pin

The upper surface has a diamond plate texture with three added lifting eyes while silver finished connection covers are highlighted along the sides with cooling grills and panel detailing all present.

The model is certainly an improvement over the original release and offers much more realistic posing possibilities. The set has also been produced in ALE, Baumann, Mammoet, Roll and Sarens versions, the latter supplied with two 6-axle line modules and powerpack.