Hillhead 2005

Hillhead is now in full swing with a number of companies showing their new machines. The following pages show photos of these machines including the main manufacturers (Liebherr, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Case & Bell to name a  few)

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Video Clips

Clip1(1.5MB) | Clip2 (1MB) | Clip3 (1MB) | Clip4 (1.3MB) | Clip5 (1MB) | Clip6 (1.5MB)

All video clips are highly compressed in Real Media format to reduce the amount of bandwidth and run between 40 and 60 seconds each. You can save the clips by right clicking and selecting "save as".
You will need the free RealPlayer software to play the video clips.

I took 40 Mins of video footage and have compiled a DVD of the event. I may consider offering the DVD for sale in the future. Contact me if you would be interested in it.