Wirtgen WR240 Soil Stabiliser / Cold Recycler

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Wirtgen WR240 soil stabiliser / cold recycler machine which has been produced in China by NZG. The WR240 is the largest machine in the range, fitted with an electro-hydraulic “steer-by-wire” steering system allowing for three different steering modes, straight, cornering and crab steering for exceptional manoeuvrability.

Greater fuel efficiency is delivered by the automatic engine speed adjuster  and the state of the art diesel engine deliveres the power and torque required for the required operation, with the 2.4 metre wide drum able to cut to a depth of 500mm.

The tyres have a deep tread pattern moulded into the surfaces with the hydraulic drive housing covers highlighting the fixing bolts very well. The all-wheel steering has been accurately modelled with hydraulic steering rams offering a reasonable degree of movement of the front and rear wheels which have hydraulic hoses fitted to the drive housings on each wheel.

The large engine cowling is hinged and can be opened to reveal the engine bay, engine block and cooling components within which is a welcome addition to the model.

The side photo-etched grills are particularly well produced with mesh panels fitted to the upper engine area and a silver capped exhaust.

The front platform has metal safety railings and a textured anti-slip floor plate with the large cabin mounted to a sliding mechanism allowing the cab to traverse and overhang the side of the machine, giving the driver an unobstructed view along the side of the chassis.

The cabin interior has been modelled with the seat, driver’s controls and console all mounted to a frame which rotates through 90 degrees, just like the full sized machine.

The roof features integrated light housings with painted lenses while the large windows have black printing simulating the window seals. Front and side window wipers are also fitted with rear view mirrors extending from the cab frame.

The underside of the chassis houses the large cutting and mixing drum which is authentically cast with cutting tooth detailing; each pick highlighted with paint while the support arms offer hydraulic height adjustment of the cutting drum which rotates freely.

The mixing chamber is fitted to the underside of the chassis with a functional pivoting rotor plate on the front and a pivoting scraper at the rear allowing the different cutting and mixing operating modes to be demonstrated. Steps have been added to the frame leading up to the upper deck, complete with metal grab rails and amber warning beacons have been added for extra realism.

Once again, NZG have produced a highly detailed and functional model which is a great addition to the Wirtgen model range and accomapies the smaller WR2000 recycler produced a number of years ago.