Vogele MT3000-2i Offset Powerfeeder

Presented here is the exclusive edition 1:50th scale Vögele MT3000-2i offset powerfeeder in Eurovia decoration from NZG. The MT3000-2i accepts the material from the delivery truck and transfers it to the paver and this is the perfect companion to the rapidly growing range of Eurovia painted pavers that have been commissioned. NZG have done a cracking job bringing the MT3000-2i to life, with plenty of fine detailing throughout.

It is possible to pose the model in a transport configuration with a folding canopy reducing the height of the model, the front hopper fits within the profile of the chassis and the rear conveyor frame can be lowered until it is almost touching the floor.

One very good feature on the model is the hopper, with both sides sliding open to reveal the central conveyor belt. Auger transfer screws are fitted to the bottom on each side and, while they don't rotate, they look realistic. The height of the entire assembly can be adjusted to suit the delivery truck which is another nice feature to the model.

The entire front section of the hopper can be raised to show how the remaining material is discharged and this works very well on the model, with the underside linkage all replicated. The front frame has mounted rollers which can be rotated and the frame pivots in the centre, just like that on the full sized machine and rubber front skirts have been added to prevent material falling forward.

The canopy has extending sections on each side to protect the operator when the seating frame is rotated out for a better view of the work area. The main control console is mounted to a sliding frame, allowing it to be deployed on either side of the model. All the safety railings are accurately scaled and integrated into the side panels which pivot along with the seats.

The decking has a textured diamond plate finish which extends along the walkway where the access steps are located. The control console has authentically printed dials and controls and the rotating seat is equipped with an integrated joystick and arm rests.

NZG have put a lot of thought into the model, with two engine panels on each side of the machine opening to reveal a mock-up of the engine and cooling systems. The hinge is stiff enough for the panels to remain raised and the detail revealed within is certainly a welcome addition, something not seen on their previous Vögele paver models.

The track frames are simplistic in construction with the simulated lower roller wheels integrated into the main casting. The rubber tracks are constructed of a single piece with pad detailing moulded into the outer surface. They are a fairly tight fit but do just about rotate. One interesting addition are the angled guards in front of the tracks to keep the material from being compacted by the tracks.

The rear of the model is dominated with the main conveyor which is mounted high up on a pivoting assembly which allows discharge to the left or right of the machine. The internal conveyor that transfers the material from the hopper is mainly hidden within the body of the machine and the belt cannot be rotated.

The hydraulic drive motor has been added, complete with hose detailing while more flexible hoses are arranged along the frame to the main conveyor lift hydraulics and motor of the main conveyor. The tip of the main conveyor also houses a drive motor with floodlight lamp housings on both sides, highlighted with silver paint.

The internal rubber belt is fixed and cannot be rotated on the sample reviewed here which is a little surprising considering all the other functional detailing. A fabric cover is draped over the top of the conveyor frame, with an etched grill located on the underside of the frame. The conveyor can be raised/lowered with the hydraulics stiff, allowing the chosen angle to be maintained.

The MT3000-2i offset feeder is an excellent addition to the Eurovia paving fleet with a very good paint finish and crisp Eurovia markings and logos. The feeder is pictured below being loaded by the Mercedes-Benz Actros powered Cargobull tipping trailer in SKBB colours.