International Toy Fair - 2010

This is the third time that I have visited the International toy fair, held every year in Nuremburg. As 2010 is a Bauma year, the expectations for new model announcements at the fair were subdued and yet, there were a number of new models announced.

Norscot have added to the 1:50th scale Caterpillar range with four new paver models, all expected to be available in April and there are more, as yet un-announced models to come from Norscot this year. (Check out the Norscot News page)

Caterpillar AP655D Tracked Paver

Another new model on display was the 1:25th scale Caterpillar G3516 Gas Engine which is very well detailed and mounted to a plastic base with silver printing.

Caterpillar Gas Engine

Conrad had a number of new truck models on display including 3 and 4 axle rigid chassis and articulated trucks with Goldhofer trailers, along with additional accessories that can be used as loads. The construction models on display were mainly the ones available at Intermat last year and there were no surprise construction pieces announced, although Conrad are working on a number of new models for Bauma.

MAN Hak 15.200

The new MAN oldtimers include the HAK 15.200 2-axle truck with skip body and 3-axle DHAS 26.240 with 2-axle low-bed trailer with rear folding ramps.

The latest heavy haulage truck releases include a Felbermayr decorated prime mover, Goldhofer 6-axle semitrailer and Siemens Generator load.

Two versions of the MAN TGS M 2-axle truck with snow plow and detachable gritter body were on display.

The latest version of the Liebherr LG1750 lattice boom crane was on display, fully rigged with suspended counterweight tray and back mast in the MaxiKraft blue and white decoration

Other new company decorated models from Conrad include the Terex Demag AC500-2 in Felmermayr livery and the AC100-4 in Schmidbauer livery. (Check out the Conrad News page for list of new models)

The latest Goldhofer Vessel bed trailer with MAN TGX XXL 8x4 prime mover (above) and Goldhofer STZ-H6 semi-trailer with MAN TGX XXL 8x4 prime mover (below) were on display from Conrad.

As a fan of Liebherr models, the latest Liebherr releases from NZG are very impressive, especially the R944C with tunnel excavation boom which has been a wish of mine ever since the real machine was displayed at the last Bauma show. The addition of both milling head and bucket is a nice touch from NZG and the sample on display looks to have captured all the movement and functionality of the full sized machine very well.

Liebherr R944C Tunnel Excavator

Other new Liebherr models include the RL64 pipe layer which has removable counterweights and a four shieve load block and the LR1300 lattice boom crawler crane. One interesting decision from NZG is to produce the derrick for the LR1300 as a separate release, lowering the price for those who only want the basic crane.

Liebherr RL64 Pipe Layer

The new Liebherr LB28 dedicated drilling rig was a surprise announcement at the show and is another model that will be available at Bauma in April.

Liebherr LB28 Drilling Rig

Other new releases from NZG include MAN truck models with 2, 3 and 4-axle configurations as well as a number of company decorated models, the highlight of which is the Mt Arthur Coal version of the Liebherr R994B backhoe excavator, a great companion to the recently released shovel version. Check out the NZG News page for full details of the NZG construction releases.

The MAN TGX 8x4 four axle prime mover is available in three different versions consisting of the R6 version in orange (Above) along with both chrome and "Give Svaergods" decorated versions of the V8 (Above & Below)

The Mercedes Benz Actros 4x2 "Trust Edition" and MAN TGX 4x2 V8 were also on display on the NZG stand.

The Hitachi EX1000 demolition excavator is still being developed and it is now scheduled for a summer release.

The surprise of the show is that both NZG and Motorart are producing New Holland models with NZG announcing the B115B backhoe loader and W170B wheel loader whilst Motorart have announced three configurations of the E215B tracked excavator.

New Holland W170B Wheel Loader

New Holland W170B Wheel Loader (Above) and B115B Backhoe Loader (Below) from NZG

New Holland B115B Backhoe Loader

The New Holland E215B tracked excavator samples on display on the Motorart stand have some interesting features including the etched grills in the body panel and upper opening engine cover revealing the replicated engine with three different boom configurations, as displayed below. All have cab guard grills covering the front and roof windows.

New Holland E215B

They are a little different to the original Ros model with slightly different body panels. The most noticable difference is that the upper structure looks to be a little offset with the cab overhanging the tracks which does not look correct, although these are the first metal samples and no doubt subject to change.

New Holland E215B

The choice to produce three different versions with different booms is a nice touch and the standard boom version has a pulveriser attachment instead of a bucket to make it a little bit different. The third version features additional stick and boom sections and this does not look right to me. The boom configuration modelled does not appear to have the correct movement between the various booms and bucket and, while Motorart should be commended for producing the variations, it is no good if they are not accurate in their movement to the spec sheets and drawings.

New Holland E215B

The long awaited Volvo pipe layer model was finally on display and should be available from model dealers within weeks. The long wait has been worth it as the model looks very impressive. Other new releases available in a couple of months from Motorart include the JCB JS220 with hammer and JS220 long reach, both of which feature the new JCB decoration that will be unveiled at Bauma.

The WSI stand has increased in size since last year with the centre of attraction being the PTC crane, complete with extension sections rising up into the air. The new Scheuerle intercombi modular trailer prototypes were displayed along with the exceptional Liebherr LTM1050-3.1 which looks fantastic. Every aspect of the full sized crane appears to have been captured in minute detail with some very nice touches throughout. The model should be available during March whilst the highly detailed 5-axle Faun HK70 mobile crane on Mercedes M3 chassis has a Bauma release date where it will also be released in Mammoet livery.

The Hitachi ZX870-3 tracked excavator prototype did not make it to the show but it will be produced in three versions. Joining the standard version will be a version with Demarec demolition head and a version with Demarec scissor attachment. There is also a new Mercedes Sprinter van planned for release later this year.

Other model prototypes on display on the WSI stand include the new Mercedes Benz MP3 trucks, the Kassbohrer car transporter, the Denisson flatbed trailer and the Telestep trailer with windmill blade load.

Bymo displayed prototypes of the new Komatsu D355C pipe layer which looks very promising as well as the Michigan wheel loader.

A sample of the RTG RG21T piling hammer was on display and looks good. It is also the first model to be produced at the Bosnia manufacturing plant. (A review of the model will follow shortly)

Bymo have several new models in development which will be unveiled at Bauma.

RTG RG21T Piling Rig

RTG RG21T Piling Rig

There were rumours that Universal Hobbies are planning to produce nearly 20 construction models this year and yet the only new 1:50th scale model on display is the Komatsu HM250 articulated dump truck. Interestingly, the previously announced Kramer 1150 wheel loader was not on display. It looks like Universal Hobbies are holding back most of their new models until Bauma.

TWH Collectibles had the HET and Drake models on display, both of which look great with an amazing level of detail and realism throughout. Also on display from Saturday was a prototype of a N scale (1:160) Bucyrus 495HR.

This is an interesting model with amazing levels of detailing for a model of this scale, as expected from TWH, with all the hand rails and walkways fully replicated with accurate scaling along with working winches.