1:50th Scale Terex Demag AC100/4L Mobile Crane

Presented here is the updated Terex Demag AC100/4L mobile crane in 1:50th scale from Conrad, finished in the Felbermary company colours. The model is an update to the original AC100/4 with updated cab castings reflecting the updates to the full sized crane.

The counterweight segments are all separate and consist of three main sections which fit onto the counterweight holder with two additional outer weights which slide into place on the ends of the upper weight as required.

The counterweights are held in place with two moulded plastic pins with screw thread ends which engage with the threads on the counterweight tray.

The low mounted front cab has been completely reworked with plastic lenses located on the lower corners with silvered background panels and safety chevron printing. The cab frame incorporates amber lenses on the upper corners with a silver finished bar running across the front of the roof, complete with Terex markings.

The interior has been replicated with seats, steering wheel and dashboard visible through the large front windshield which has windscreen wiper arms fitted with holes in the cab frame for the rear view mirrors. The four point outriggers feature two stage extending plastic arms with screw thread pads which can be lowered to provide a stable base when the crane boom is fully extended.

The four axles have working steering with the front and rear pair linked to allow different steering modes to be simulated. The rubber tyres have an authentic moulded tread pattern with intricately detailed plastic wheel hubs with painted centres. Simulated rubber panels have been painted on the upper wheel arches with silver printing highlighting the panels on the sides of the chassis.

The upper deck has more diamond plate panels with safety railings and rear mounted warning beacons above the counterweights. The cab has large glazed windows revealing the detailed interior with joystick controls and display console all present. The tilting mechanism allowing about 20 degrees of movement on the cab and it is stiff enough to hold the position chosen with safety grab rails mounted to the cab frame.

The three jib mounting brackets are supplied seperately in the box and need fixing to the side of the main boom. The two section lattice jib can then be stored on the side of the boom for transport. The main boom consists of five sections which extend smoothly and lock into place when fully extended.

The boom head has two metal pins which have holes in them to connect the jib. There are several mounting options available including two angled settings which utilise the top mounted fold-over arms which fasten in place using the supplied plastic pins.

The paint finish is exceptional, as expected from Conrad with silver painted diamond plate decking, grey chassis and blue cab, upper body and boom. The Felbermayr markings and logos are crisply applied and look good and the model is securely packed in a two section polystyrene carton with printed outer cardboard sleeve.