Mercedes-Benz Actros Titan 6x6 with Scheuerle Modular InterCombi

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Scheuerle Modular InterCombi with vessel bed and Mercedes-Benz Actros Titan 6x6 tractor in ZAUGG company decoration from WSI. The model consists of a 2 and 4 axle line module and several adaptors allowing different working configurations to be realised.

The two modules have been meticulously designed to allow full configuration of the steering bars to produce different steering angles. This is achieved using metal bars and small screws and for the model reviewed here, the steering bars are all fully assembled out of the box (as pictured below). Spare screws are provided in the box.

Each of the axle lines has a pivoting frame allowing some degree of suspension to be observed. The tyres have a ridged tread pattern with silver hubs and all rotate freely while the proportional steering is a little stiff but does function.

The metal frame of the module has very crisp casting details with holes along the length. The side structure detailing is very crisp with bolt and tie-down rings visible along with printing of the Scheuerle logo.

The modules have integrated locking bars which function well, allowing the modules and bed adaptors to be easily locked together, although initially, the modules are quite stiff to clip together and require a little manipulation to lock the angle castings into each other. One interesting observation on the modules is the removal of the paint on the surfaces which come into contact with each other. This adds more realism to the modules and is a nice touch.

The model is supplied with two sets of light panels which clip onto the end of the module as required. The panels have intricate printing of the oversized vehicle markings, chevron pattern and authentic number plates while the light housings have tinted plastic lenses, topped with an amber beacon.

Silver metal plates with a diamond plate textured surface are provided to cover the channels on each module to protect the steering mechanisms and these hold in place snugly.

The gooseneck has some very nice detailing including storage compartments integrated into the sides of the upper platform, complete with cast handle detailing which is highlighted black with tiny silver highlighting of the locks. The side panels have cast hinge and clip detailing with minuscule printing running down the centre which is barely readable.

Two spare wheels are mounted to the tip of the gooseneck with flexible hosing added to both sides for extra realism. The neck is hydraulically powered and can be adjusted while metal brackets can be inserted into the end of the neck to keep it raised when disconnected from the tractor. The set contains a narrow bed set of adapters along with a telescopically extending vessel bed adapter, both of which connect to the modules.

The vessel bed adapters can be telescopically extended to carry different width loads with tie-down ring surface detailing added for added realism.

For loading of vehicles and plant equipment, a pair of ramps can be connected to the vessel bed adapter which can be disconnected from the module

To carry different length loads, the main beams are also telescopic and extend smoothly. The outer sides of the beams have inset tie-down ring detailing while the insides have a ledge where boards could be used to form a deck.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros Titan 6x6 tractor is up to WSI's usual high standards, with plenty of surface detailing and excellent printing of the company details and logos. The cab interior is modeled well with the contoured dashboard and ceiling visible, topped with the Mercedes logo on the steering wheel. The cab exterior has windscreen wipers, rear view and front safety mirrors and orange beacons on the roof with the Mercedes logo prominently displayed on the front grill along with an authentic number plate.

The module behind the cab houses a large fuel tank with air bottles, wheel chocks and a cooling unit all integrated into the frame. The cabin can be tilted forward to reveal the Mercedes powerplant moulding at the centre of the chassis.

The underside of the chassis has a replicated suspension frame with detailed axles connected by drive shafts to the transmission. A drive shaft is also added to the driven front axle which has a steering mechanism which, on the sample reviewed here, does not function.

Small light housings with silver painted lenses face rearward and accurately scaled grab rails offer easy access to the rear deck where the fifth wheel coupling is located.

The front bumper has inset light lenses with silver highlighting and a red and white chevron pattern with a central towing linkage, complete with plastic cover while a towing pintle hitch and guide is mounted to the rear of the chassis.

The engineering that has gone into producing the Scheuerle InterCombi modules demonstrates WSI are at the forefront of model design and the various parts supplied in the box allow different trailer configurations to be constructed, pictured below transporting the Kleemann Mobirex MR110Z EVO mobile crusher from Conrad.