Liebherr R954C Multi-User (Long Reach) boom

There have been a number of after market boom kits over the years from companies and individuals like the Model Excavator Company and Miniature Demolition Company to name a few. The last couple of years have been quiet on this front until recently, with the launch of a new range of boom kits from Gaz Evans.

The Liebherr R954C long reach kit is a recent addition and comes complete with all the parts needed to convert either the R954C from Conrad or the R944C from Universal Hobbies. I have chosen to update the R954C. The resin boom and stick are accurately shaped although there is no pipework integrated into the castings.

The kit is supplied with white metal linkage, pins, grading bucket and boom mount housings. If you are planning on converting the R944C, you will need to source different hydraulic cylinders as the ones on the base model are not long enough.

This is a relatively simple conversion with the hardest part removing and dismantling the original boom for the hydraulics. For added detailing, I have added pipework and a couple of other details.

The main boom required the white metal mounting pieces gluing into place. For added detailing, I have added the small floodlight housings which were taken from the R944C boom.

Plastic strips have been added to the back of the boom with 1.5mm holes drilled into them for the flexible hydraulic hoses.

The kit comes complete with a length of flexible cord and the small silver ferrules which I have added where the piping connects to the scratch built holders.The stick has also been fitted with hose detailing, again using plastic pieces with 1mm holes. Two small brackets were added to the tip of the boom to guide the hose, which is a single piece from the foot of the boom to the connection point on the stick and this added effort really adds to the looks of the model.

A wide grading bucket is supplied with the kit however, I have chosen to use a standard digging bucket (One of Brian Blackman's that fits on the R916).

Speaking of the R916, I have attached the spare rear view mirror from the R916 to the grab rail on the cab, which will fit after a little work with a rouded file to open out the slot to match the size of the grab rail.

The paint used to finish the model was obtained from the Liebherr depot and is a very close match to the Conrad colour. The primer coat is halfords plastic filler primer, which is a yellowish colour and a perfect undercoat for the Liebherr Yellow top coat.