Liebherr R954B V Demolition Excavator

Presented here is the limited edition 1:50th scale Liebherr R954B V tracked excavator in the colours of
Rino-Bau from Conrad. The model is supplied with both digging and three-section demolition booms and is accompanied by two different demolition tools, a sorting grapple and a concrete pulverizer.

The cab has a replicated interior with full debris protection screens made of plastic which are fairly accurately scaled and look realistic. The model was originally produced a number of years ago and is missing some of the more refined features of the latest releases, like the printed window seals but this does not really detract from the model.


One significant difference to the original version is the addition of a new undercarriage and track frames which house linked metal tracks with tensioned idler wheels allowing the tracks to rotate smoothly and this is certainly a welcomed improvement from the original plastic band tracks, making the model look more rugged.

Both the digging and demo booms connect to the carrier using plastic pins and for the digging boom, there are two different positions where the boom can be mounted, allowing for higher reach or deep digging. The stick houses the standard digging bucket which again shows its age with very little fine detailing when compared to the latest releases.

One very interesting addition to the demo boom is the quick coupler and work tools, consisting of a sorting grapple which is fully functional with 360 degree rotation and opening grapples which are linked internally to open in sync. The attachment is connected to the coupler with a plastic pin.

The second tool is a concrete pulverizer which has very good tooth detailing with a working jaw and rotating body.

Completing the set are two metal stands allowing the booms to be displayed in a transport or storage configuration. Small raised pins extend from the sides of the booms and locate into the slots in the tops of the stands while on the three section boom, a plastic bar can be deployed to lock the boom sections together.

The finish of the model is good throughout with crisp printing of the Rino logos and company details. This is one of four limited edition releases of the demolition specification R954BV which also include Cardem, Kibag and Schlenter decorated versions.