Hitachi Zaxis ZX250LCN-5 Tracked Excavator

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Hitachi Zaxis ZX250-5 tracked excavator from TMC Scalemodels, and what a great introduction the company has made with an exceptional level of detail and realism seldom seen on a 1:50th scale model. The model is surprisingly heavy for it's size, with most of the parts made from metal with plastic only used where needed to add the extra detailing.

The engine compartment on the model has been fully replicated with the diesel engine and cooling systems visible beneath the opening engine cover, complete with intricate metal handle. The fully painted up engine block looks the part with photo-etched safety screens added while fine grill texturing has been cast into the body side and highlighted with black paint.

The upper deck has excellent inset anti-slip safety panels which are textured and highlighted in black while warning labels are found on the counterweight along with the Hitachi name and centrally located rear view camera housing.

Like the Hitachi ZX210-5, every tiny aspect of the cabin interior has been meticulously captured with a light grey painted interior highlighting the side mounted display console with printed screen. The seat has integral armrests topped with the joystick controls and safety hydraulic cutout handle.

The flooring has foot controls with attached levers for controlling the tracks while thin metal grab rails have beed added inside the cabin and on the inside of the opening door, just like on the full sized machine. This level of realism is an excellent addition to the model and highlights the philosophy of TMC Scalemodels to ensure each model release is as close to the real machine as possible.

The undercarriage has good detailing of the lower rollers which are cast into the lower section of the track frames, complete with access steps and tensioned idler wheels giving good tension on the individually linked track pads to keep them taut. The drive sprockets are nicely detailed and small markings are printed on the front faces of the track frames with structural detailing on the cross members of the undercarriage, complete with tie-down eyes.

The range of movement of the boom, stick and bucket linkage are excellent with smooth operating cylinders allowing the model to be posed as desired. Another nice feature on the model are the metal bolts uses to connect the bucket, allowing it to be removed and replaced with the collector's choice of attachment.

The fixed hydraulic pipe work added to the model is raised from the surface of the boom with connection valves highlighted in silver and flexible hoses connected to the main hydraulic housing.

Piping has also been added between the boom and stick for the bucket cylinder and auxiliary hydraulic circuit and this has intricate armoured hoses which really look authentic.

The model is supplied with a pair of mirrors which need fitting to the model. While there are no instructions on exactly where these should go, they are easy to fit and clip onto the safety grab rails connected to the cab frame and on the opposite side of the body, although a touch of glue may be required to prevent them falling off.

The paint finish on the model is to a very high standard with an even coating allowing the surface casting details to show through while printing of the machine's designations and the Hitachi logos are all excellently applied. It is clear from looking over the model that a lot of engineering work has gone into the development and production of this first release and if this is the standard to expect for each release from TMC Scalemodels, I for one cannot wait for their next announcement.

Anyone who already owns the Hitachi ZX210-5 from Replicars will know the great detailing and for me, the ZX250-5 is actually a little more detailed and with a significantly lower price of €69, offers excellent value for money. The only area on the model that could do with a little more work are the unpainted rivet heads on the bucket linkage and I strongly expect this will be resolved on future releases. The model is now available from the Hitachi Merchandising Webshop.

About TMCScaleModels

TMCScaleModels are a new model manufacturer specialising in producing museum quality, high precision die-cast models of construction equipment. A brand name of the Merchandise Company BV, they are official licence holders for Hitachi and are looking to produce models for other OEM’s to the same exacting levels of detail and quality as the Hitachi ZX250-5.