Gaz Evans Collection (GF-25B) - EGLI XMB 3.7 Concrete Crusher

Presented here is a limited edition red & black decorated 1:50th scale replica of the Egli XMB 3.7 concrete crusher, designed for excavators in the 30-50 ton range while the attachment will fit high reach machines in the 50-90 ton weight class. As with his previous work, Gaz has produced another functional and interesting replica from official drawings. The head of the attachment has 360 degree rotation with all the bolt detailing added to the rotation ring with the bracket designed to connect with the included OilQuick coupler which connects to the stick of a suitably sized excavator, shown below mounted to the Hitachi ZX470 tracked excavator. The four hydraulic cylinders operate on the two piece jaw which has contoured biting teeth fixed into the jaw, painted in contrasting red & black colours. Surface detailing of the main body highlights the structural components with raised service covers.