Gaz Evans Collection (GF-24) - GO-Moon SM80 Quick Coupler

Presented here is a 1:50th scale replica of the GO-Moon SM80 coupler which is an interesting design, authentically modelled from factory drawings and accompanied by a general purpose 30DK130 bucket. The two brackets fit to the end of the stick of a suitable 18-25 ton excavator and once connected, the outside contours of the adaptor connect with the hooks at the top of the bucket bracket before the tool is secured with a pin.

The surface detailing of the bracket and saddle on the bucket is excellent considering the diminutive size of the parts and the bucket has indented GO markings on the sides and rear surface with replicated teeth and underside structural ribbing.

The coupler brackets have been designed to fit a number of different models of varying stick widths and this is achieved by gently filing down the inside surfaces of the brackets to accommodate wider stick widths. Once the3 brackets are fitted, the bucket should connect with the outer lugs without being over tight.

Also available is an XR20 Xcentric ripper with a new GO-Moon top plate (GF-24A) which connects with the coupler brackets, allowing a quick change between bucket and ripper attachments. As with the bucket, surface detailing of the coupler bracket is excellent.

A set consisting of GO-Moon SM80 brackets, bucket and XR20 ripper is also available (GF-24Set) as pictured above and shown below fitted to the Hitachi ZX250LC-5 Tracked Excavator