Gaz Evans Collection (GF-23) - J&B Grabs Clamshell

Presented here is a fully built and painted J&B clamshell grab which is rated for 25-30 ton excavators when stick mounted and 40-50 ton material handlers. The body has crisp surface detailing including lifting eyes and cable guard with 360 degree rotation of the head and opening clams which are linked to open in unison, powered by working cylinders

As supplied, the grab will fit any suitable sized excavator with a maximum stick width of 7.5mm while the inside spacers of the bracket can be filed down to allow a maximum stick width of 9.5mm. Two versions are available, one finished in orange (GF-23) and one finished in grey (GF-23G). The attachment is pictured here fitted to the Terex Fuchs MHL454 material handler.

J&B Clamshell Grab fitted to Fuchs MHL454 material handler