Intermat 2012 Model Releases

After much anticipation of new model releases at the Intermat trade show, It was a little of a dissapointment that there were not very many new models. Those that were launched at the show demonstrate the ever increasing levels of detailing now found on the 1:50th scale replicas.

The Wirtgen group are well known for their in-depth model program and the new Kleemann model from Conrad is certainly impressive, and a worthy introduction for the Kleemann brand. The Mobirex MR 110 ZS impact crusher features a detachable final screen box with a pivoting return conveyor and natural fines belt which can be fitted on either side of the chassis. Only 80 of the models have been produced for the show and several small changes are being made before the next production run. The model will be reviewed in detail once the new version is produced. While there were no further new releases from the Wirtgen group, we can look forward to new models from each of the divisions for Bauma next year.

Liebherr have been very quiet on the model front of late and there were no new releases to speak of in their merchandising booth. This was a big surprise as I had expected the R936C and A918 Compact models to be available. A batch of the R936C models were on the stand but these were used as gifts for customers and the model will be introduced in the webshop in June.

Liebherr R936C

A week before Intermat, details emerged of the Hitachi ZX210-5 tracked excavator in 1:50th scale from Replicars.

This was available to purchase from the Hitachi merchandising stand at the show and is a rather impressive model, packed with features including an opening cab door revealing the internal detailing. Equally impressive is the replicated engine compartment, viewable by opening the large engine cover.

Collectors can look forward to further new Hitachi model releases throughout the next 12 months.

Hitachi ZX210-5

The Bomag stand held two new surprises in the form of the BF 800C tracked paver and the BMP 8500 trench compactor, both in 1:50th scale and produced in China under the Kaster name. While previous Bomag models have been lacking in detail and quality, that is something that cannot be said for their latest releases.

Bomag BF800C Tracked Paver

The BF800 C tracked paver is a cracking model with plenty of functional details, like the folding hopper with small hinged flaps along the front which pivot as the sides are adjusted. The tracks are made from small individual links which really look impressive, complete with small pivoting guards to prevent material spillage from getting under the tracks. The rear screed can be extended and the cab can traverse left and right, while the single driver's station can be positioned at any point within the width of the cabin and will also rotate through 90degrees on each side.

While tiny, the BMP 8500 compactor packs a lot of detail beneath the two opening covers.

The chassis features articulating steering with very detailed compactor wheels, modelled with non-removable extensions which even have the tiny handles fitted.

The pop-up cover reveals the remote control box within and the front etched grill carries the Bomag name.

Komatsu are another company where the expectation of new models announcements were unrealised, although they did have the new D155AX tracked dozer available from the merchandising shop and there will be further new releases from Universal Hobbies for Bauma, including a wheeled excavator although the exact type is not yet confirmed.

Komatsu D155AX Bulldozer

Intermat is the home show for Case construction, so it was somewhat of a surprise that they had no new models available from their shop. Rumour suggests there are several models in development for Bauma and there were several new configurations of the Poclain TC45 and TY45 from Conrad although sadly, no brand new Poclain models.

New Holland is another company that had very little to offer the model collector and did not have any of the 1:50th scale models from NZG available. There were several of the old Ros models along with some plastic replicas which were cheap and cheerfull. Universal Hobbies are likely to produce further models in the range but I doubt these will appear before Bauma.

I came across an interesting 1:50th scale Wacker Neuson model in their boutique. The Neuson 50Z is an old model which is now presented in the new Wacker Neuson decoration. Interestingly, the undercarriage has been changed to highlight the variable angle technology, with the upper body able to tilt by about 10 degrees. This is the first time I have seen this model although the staff in the shop insist the model has been available for some time. It is produced by Die-cast Promotionals.

Also available are the new 1:12th scale hand tool replicas from Universal Hobbies which I have to say are rather nice models indeed. Made predominantly of metal, they have a heavy feel with crisp detailing and an excellent paint finish allowing the casting details to show through. Universal hobbies are currently working on a number of new models for the Wacker Neuson / Kramer Allrad and Weidermann divisions, some of which are likely to appear later this year with the rest likely for Bauma.

Volvo are continuing with their model program in partnership with Motorart as their exclusive supplier. We were already informed of the first four models at the International toy fair back in February and development of these models is well underway, with the L90G wheel loader expected in August and the DD25 likely to follow shortly afterwards. The new EC220D tracked excavator is scheduled to appear towards the end of the year while the A40F articulated hauler is likely to appear early next year. Additional models have now been decided with a further five likely to be available by Bauma.

It is still not clear what is happening with the Caterpillar model range, as information is still sketchy but it appears that Norscot have not been able to secure a new licence to produce the scale models and rumours suggest the new licencing requirements by Caterpillar are likely to put off many of the well known model manufacturers. While stocks of the older models have just shipped from China, it is believed that the tooling for all the new models shown at the toy fair is still with the original factory and it is not clear if these models will ever be produced.

The next 12 months will be interesting and I think there will be a couple of surprise model releases as we go. Look out for a new road/rail excavator from Atlas around September along with several interesting releases likely to appear for MineExpo in September.