Custom Models - The RH90 Excavator

O&K RH90C Tracked Excavator

 This is a model that I have build from a kit by OHS. The first model is the backhoe version, which is finished in a 2 tone blue/white colour scheme. There is a lot of preparation required on the parts, especially the white metal parts. There are over 100 parts in the kit and it was a challenge to build, being my first full model that I have ever done. The progress was slow at first but everything came together towards the end.

The picture on the left shows the internal engine compartment, complete with 2 diesel engines and slewing motors. This picture has the hydraulic hoses removed to show the internal detail better.

This picture shows the boom detail, including the photo etched walkways and hydraulic block with pipework.

 The main boom parts are made from resin which does help with the weight of the model. the hydraulic block and rods/cylinders are made from white metal with rubber tubing for the hydraulic hoses.

 The undercarriage is well detailed with rolling wheels, idler and drive sprocket. The entire undercarriage is made from white metal and gives good weight for stability. The plastic tracks are individually linked with authentic grouser and bolt detail.

 The rear of the model is well detailed with internal radiators visible throught the counterweight cut-outs.

There are hand rails running all the way around the model which have been finished in blue which makes them stand out.

O&K RH90C Tracked Excavator

O&K RH90C Tracked Excavator

O&K RH90C shovel and backhoe

The completed RH90C backhoe and face shovel models.