Challenger MT765D Tractor

Presented here is the 1:32nd scale Challenger MT765D tractor from USK Scalemodels, the new brandname from Mahler & Partners GmbH. The model is a very nicely detailed update to the previously released 'C' version with all new castings.

The undercarriage features large rubber tracks with a raised tread pattern moulded into the surface. The main wheels turn so the track can rotate but the lower set of rollers are fixed and do not rotate. There is some crisp detailing cast into the track frames with silver highlighting used to pick out the bolts on the main drive wheel.

Access to the cab is via a set of folding steps leading up to a walkway. Plastic safety railings have been added which are authentically scaled but are a little flexible so easily bend out of shape.

The chassis has a single piece plastic weight fitted to the front, complete with groove detailing to simulate the many individual segments found on the full sized machine.

As with the other MT series Challenger tractors, the entire engine cover pivots up to reveal the modelled engine compartment, complete with engine block and radiator housing which has a fine textured surface. Even the blue filler cap has been highlighted, as have the engine cover straps.

The cabin interior has been accurately modelled with the main driver's seat and auxiliary seating added. The central console houses the main controls and steering wheel while the side mounted control panel is also present with replicated switched, levers and computer console. The floor panel has a ridged surface with foot controls added for total realism with a hinged door which can be opened to give a better view of the interior.

The roof houses a TopCon satelite guidance system with two amber beacon while floodlights are integrated into the rear roof housing. The contours of the body panels have integrated brake, indicator and reversing lights which are tinted to look more realistic, while additional light housings extend out on both sides of the chassis.

The paint finish is even throughout and shows off the casting details very well. The graphics are tampo printed with the machine designation located on the upper sides of the cabin

One very welcomed feature on the model is the highly detailed rear linkage which has captured all the mechanisms and detailing of the full sized machine very well.

A pair of hydraulic cylinders allow the 3-point linkage to raise/lower and there is also a towing drawbar and attachment hose hook-up panel.

This is a great addition to the Challenger tractor line-up with more refined detailing over the previous MT765D and is the first model released by Mahler & Partners featuring the new USK Scalemodels brand.