BaggerModelle Magazine

Baggermodelle is a new magazine for collectors of construction, cranes and heavy haulage models.

The magazine is the idea of Daniel Wietlisbach, who has carried the idea of a model magazine around with him for the last three years.

It is great to see his ideas transformed into a fantastic magazine, full of high quality images and great text write-ups from fellow collectors and freelance contributors.

This is the first time I have reviewed a magazine and yet I feel that the effort that has gone into the publication should be mentioned. The first impression is the very good quality feel to each page with great quality printing and high colour glossy pictures throughout.

The magazine is published in the German language so anyone not able to read German may feel this magazine is not for them. This is far from the truth as English translations for all the main articles throughout the magazine have been translated and made available in a downloadable PDF file and even this has a great layout allowing it to be printed out to accompany the hard copy.

The range and selection of material in the first issue has been very well thought out with the highlight being the first look at the new Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 model from NZG which is an amazing looking model and the review highlights all the features of this most impressive model. The latest releases are highlighted in detail, this month featuring the Allis Chalmers HD21 models from First Gear with great images capturing just the right angle to show off the model's excellent features and realism.

The collector spotlight section of the first issue details the collection of Peter Klingler, who collects not one, but multiple of each model, all lined up in his display cabinets. Interviews and details on fellow collectors are always great reading and it's also interesting to find out how a collector starts their collection.

The features on real machines are a welcome addition to the magazine and in this issue, these cover details of the full sized Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 along with an interesting write up by Urs Peyer on the P&H 4100XPC currently at work in a gold mine.

One subject which always interests me are the great dioramas that collectors create for their model collection and the section on diorama construction was very interesting, giving me a few ideas to try out myself.

The Baggermodelle magazine looks like being a winner with a great selection of information and high quality images all adding up to produce a fantastic looking magazine. Anyone who has not yet subscribed can do so by visiting the Baggermodelle Magazine website.