**    Confirmed Case Models     **

  There are plans to release a set of 11 Poclain Heritage models over the next 4-5 years. This range is likely to include re-releases of some older Conrad models with some brand new models. Any re-releases will have significant changes to not devalue the original models. 

     The fourth model in the Poclain Heritage collection, the TY45 with crane boom was released at Bauma along with a limited edition Case 590 Series 2 backhoe loader in a black and chrome colour scheme to celebrate the 50th Anniversary (limited to 250 with diorama). The 590 Series2 will be available on it's own in the same colour scheme in a specially printed box.


**    Case Model Rumours     **

     There are believed to be several new Case models in development for release during 2008 along with the next model in the Poclain heritage series.

The reported rumour of a Case 521D XT tool carrier model is no longer accurate. The model is now unlikely to ever be produced.