Mercedes Actros MP03 4x2 with Schmitz Cargobull Tipping Trailer

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Mercedes Actros MP03 2-axle tractor with 3-axle Schmitz Cargobull tipping trailer from Conrad.

The Cargobull trailer has an integrated access platform rising up at the front of the frame which is made from plastic with safety railings and a folding access ladder with good structural frame detailing.

The dump body can tip to a very reasonable angle and the multi-stage hydraulic cylinder operates smoothly while maintaining enough friction to allow the body to remain raised without dropping down. The tailgate pivots as the body raises with safety markings printed on the rear surface. The rear of the trailer has a safety bar integrated into the frame end with painted rear facing light housings.

A pair of stabilisers are located just in front of the wheels and they can be extended to support the trailer weight when it is not connected to the tractor unit. The side surfaces of the dump body have ridges cast into them which are subtle with printed Schmitz Cargobull logos.

The simple frame structure of the trailer houses three axles which are mounted to pivoting arms allowing some suspension simulation. The single tyres have a defined radial tread pattern moulded into the surfaces with silver hubs and black centres while plastic wheel covers are fixed to the frame above each wheel.

The model is supplied with a Mercedes Benz Actros MP03 4x2 tractor which is finished in a dark metallic blue colour scheme.

The underside of the model is fairly sparse in detail, although the suspension frame has been modeled and the axle floats to simulate some suspension movement.

A plastic drive-shaft is fitted between the axle and the gearbox and the front axle has working steering with an excellent range of movement.

Rear view mirrors and a safety off-side mirror are supplied and need fitting into the holes in the cab frame while holes in the roof accommodate flexible radio aerials.

The cabin can be tilted to reveal the moulded engine block at the heart of the chassis.

Two large chromed fuel tanks are fixed to the chassis, one on each side with the chromed exhaust silencer box that has a finely textured surface and embossed Mercedes logo also present, as is a small access platform fixed behind the cabin.