Vogele Super 1803-2 Wheeled Paver

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Vogele Super 1803-2 wheeled paver in the Frauenrath company livery from NZG. The Frauenrath Group are based in Germany and specialise in building, road construction, canal construction, groundworks & landscaping and recycling. For more details, check out their website.

One of the most interesting areas of the model is the front hopper which is different from the earlier Vogele pavers in that small hinges have been used along with flexible rubber front sections which all move as the hopper sides are operated.

Another nice feature is the functional steering linkage on the small wheels which is a nice touch. The degree of steering is limited but it is nice to see the NZG have gone to the extra effort to make this functional.

The rear of the model is highly detailed with working height adjustment of the screed and extending side panels which give a much wider laying width. The lower foot step has an integrated section that floats as the sides extend and has a textured diamond plate pattern on the upper surface, as does the upper deck where metal grab rails are fitted leading up to the driver's area. The side frames have work lights cast into the surface and the lenses have been highlighted with white paint which is a nice touch.

The ErgoPlus control system controls are mounted on each side of the rear spreader and the main control station has a sliding control console which allows the paver to be operated from either side with the prominent steering wheel mounted in the centre of the console. The seats have a swing out motion which gives a better view of the area and there are accurately scaled handrails all round the model.

The cab area features a nifty feature whereby the entire roof canopy can be folded down into the transport position and this is fully functional on the model. Even the exhaust stack folds down and the canopy roof has sliding extension panels which extend over the side of the paver to protect the driver when the seats are in the extended position.

The model is very well finished with authentic Wirtgen Group markings and the Frauenrath company logos. It makes a great companion to the Liebherr R916 Advance tracked excavator which has been released in the same company livery.